Welcome to the Asha CNJ wikispaces!

This is the primary archiving database of Asha CNJ as well as the forum for policy-making and brainstorming amongst the volunteers. The various documents in this space are classified under the following categories

Working Documents

Contains documents that are undergoing edits. When finished, these documents will be moved to the Finished Documents section. These documents can be related to projects, events or organizational processes of Asha.

Finished Documents

Contains documents that are not undergoing any current edits. These documents have compiled information about projects, events and organizational processes of Asha. Some of them might have gone through an editing process by first being in the Working Documents section.

Task Lists

Contains various action item lists for e.g. the Website to-do list. Separate to-do lists can be created for each event.

Volunteer Resources

Contains excerpts from Asha discussions and other resources which could be used to compile a volunteer FAQ page in future.

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