Please enter your suggestions for the CNJ website:

1. Search button within CNJ pages

2. (JA) Have all project process related forms in the website, once they are done.

3. (SV) CNJ site root folder has a lot of other folders and possibly redundant or stale files. We need to clean this up and organize it better.

4. (SV) Like JA mentioned in 2, we need a dedicated section for volunteers (and may be another one for donors) to provide related forms and details etc.

5. Create a separate archive page for newsletters (with material from and direct to it from the "quarterly newsletter" link on the homepage , instead of just pointing to the most recent NL. Example webpage from Asha Seattle:

6. Rotate the "Project Spotlight" feature every month between existing projects!

7. Have a calendar on front page with clickable highlighted dates for meetings and other events!

8. Provide a link to this wikispace! (and encourage people to use it with some basic info about why it is good and how to get started)