CNJ Book Drive - A proposed new initiative!

The Verizon Season's Reading Campaign in New Jersey has donated 700 books to Asha CNJ! (look at their website for potential material and ideas for Asha CNJ Bookdrive Campaign)

Sign-up here for joining the Bookdrive team! Lots of scope for new here to join this wikispace

(Should someone contact the RUAIR group to look for interested volunteers? Maybe they have better ideas on how to network with local schools and libraries..)


CNJ Project-specific needs

Description of task:

need volunteers for the CNJ BOOK DRIVE initiative. A team of 5-6 people. Tasks would be to
a) draft a project proposal
b) figure out logistics (from Bobby, Aruna) and create database of schools/colleges/bookstores in the area
c) Gauge project-specific need for books
d) make a website under Asha CNJ for collection/donation/mission statement etc
e) collection & storage of material
f) Sorting according to age-group/project needs
g) Shipping and disbursing in India

Some Links:

NJ Public Libraries
NY public libraries
New York City Public Library
Philadelphia Public Library
NJ Schools Directory
NJ Colleges Directory
Bookstores in NJ