Q&A on 2010 proposals

This page will roll till the deadline for CNJ projects' voting

Volunteers: Please post questions/comments directed towards steward(s) for our projects under review for funding 2010-11

Stewards: Please respond with answers at your earliest.

2010 Project Peer Reviews

  • Still not uploaded. For 2010, see below:
Please go to the files section in asha-cnj-core yahoogroup to access the zip file of all the project reviews.
Link - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/asha-cnj-core/files/2010_Project_Reviews/
last year peer reviews: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/asha-cnj-core/files/2009_Project_Reviews/

2010 Project Voting Spreadsheet

Will be uploaded after the voting process.

A) Continuing project proposals

Important: Following links would lead to the pages primarily used for 2010. That is a good thing, since the basics of the projects are still the same, a lot of obvious questions and curiosities have already been answered at length by the stewards. Please feel free to ask new questions, or the ones which might have a different answer now. However, we request to go through the existing QnA before asking new ones, so that the space stays clean and usable.

1. Loknayak Shikshan Mandal
2. Ushagram Trust Balwadis
3. Shishur Sevay - Childlife Preserve
4. Mandra Lion's Club
6. Vidyaniketan Sishu Bihar - Ushagram Trust
7. Ashraya
8. Mathru

B) New project proposals

1. Nerur Project
2. Nirmal Jyoti
3. Kadam Project