How to donate your old computer to Asha

You can find information in the asha-computers and computersforindia yahoogroups on sending computers to India. Asha-Yale has worked with World Computer Exchange (WCE) to send used donated computers to India in half and full container loads. Approx 430 units fit in a container.

Briefly, WCE accepts donations of working computers and arranges to send them to projects in different countries (including India). More is on their website. Asha-Yale (Hitten Zaveri) has a great symbiotic relationship with WCE and have successfully send many such shipments to India. Contact person from WCE has been Timothy Anderson <TAnderson at worldcomputerexchange dot org>

About World Computer Exchange

WCE is an international educational non-profit gathering donated computers, online tech volunteers, and sister-schools in 30 cities to help our 279 partner organisations in 48 developing countries connect youth and schools to the Internet. We have shipped 14,938 computers to connect 1,440 schools with 662,440 students.

Computer Sponsor: A computer for a school in a developing country: US$50
Lab Sponsor: A computer lab for a school in a developing country: $750
Trip Sponsor: A volunteer to train, evaluate & trouble-shoot tech problems: $2,000
City Sponsor: Help us start a sister-school program with your city's schools: $5,000
Container Sponsor: 430 computers to connect 12,500 youth in 35 schools: $12,500

US IRS Tax Exempt ID: 04-3529016
WCE-Canada is incorporated in Canada