1. Person to handle donor-list
(sending out events announcements or newsletters (Shivani can explain logistics and hand over to this person).

2. One more recruit in the newsletter team, to join Samreen --- TAKEN (Shivesh Makharia)

3. Two RU students as RU-community liaisons --- TAKEN (Ramya, Varsha)
(would coordinate with other RU groups like RIGSA, Asha UG group, various regional students' associations within RU )

4. Two one RU students as RU media contacts -- Sarika
(our contact with RU media, like Targum, RU-media and for postering, flyering, and other advertising within campuses,)

5. One person as Chandru's assistant in various event-day matters.

6. A media-focus team
(of about 3-4 persons interested in photgraphy/filming/editing who would plan and prepare Asha CNJ videos / posters and maintain a repository of events photographs/videos in a systematic manner. They will also be responsible for collecting material for the videos with due copyright permission wherever possible. Pravin Shankar to explain task) --- Kasturi

7. An In-charge of Asha merchandise
(sold at chapter level - like Calendars, Ashraya cards etc. We can also think of selling more merchandise. (Praveen Gopalakrishnan and Joydeep Acharya can explain the logistics to the new people)

8. A person in charge of mementos and handcrafted items given out at Marathon-felicitation (to coach and runners), or in fundraiser events (to performers) etc. Bobby/Shraddha to take lead/recruit?

9. In-charge of CNJ inventory
(Preferable RU student living in Buell or person with plenty storage space in house)
In charge of storage of non-perishable event-related stuff (marathon stuff, stuff from asha conference and other fundraisers) and project posters. The person should contact Arvind Ayyer immediately because arvind will graduate soon and asked to hand this over asap. Apart from storing the stuff , it will be good if the person can create an online inventory of what all stuff we have so that we can prevent buying things in duplicate and triplicate.

10. (JA) We recently got a grant from Metlife for one of our projects (HSH). A CNJ volunteer should be in charge of identifying companies, foundations etc and write grants to them. He/she need not come to meetings regularly and can coordinate with chapter/projects coords in this regard.

11. Volunteers for a possible CNJ BOOK DRIVE initiative. See here for more details
A team of 5-6 people. Tasks would be to
a) draft a project proposal
b) figure out logistics (from Bobby, Aruna) and create database of schools/colleges/bookstores in the area
c) collection & storage of material
d) Sorting according to age-group/project needs
e) Shipping and disbursing in India

12. FCRA for dummies package - based on Jayant's feedback and the Asha Munich FCRA page.

13. Donor-base management and data mining analysis for the chapter to better understand who our donors are in order to create an efficient feedback process (like sending updates, newsletters, calendars etc) to donors. We need to do some analysis of past donations to create a long-lasting and sustained donor-base. (2 vols needed to work with the chapter treasurer).