The "Projects Review Process" is a new addition to the Projects Voting process that Asha CNJ initiated (since 2008) for our voting and funding cycle every year. This process is primarily for both the new and existing projects: Projects Cycle 2011

The steps of the Projects' Review Process are as follows:

1) The projects team forms a Project Reviewers committee consisting of a small set of dedicated Asha CNJ volunteers who have past projects experience or new volunteers who want to get involved with projects.
2) We assign people from this set to different projects, such that each project is assigned to 2-3 reviewers.
3) Each reviewer sends a project review (based on a review template) back to the Projects team, by a deadline. The task of the reviewer is to read the project proposal document, site visit document(s), Q&As, and all other documents about the project and based on that, to review the project proposal. The review consists of both questions raised from a skeptic point of view, as well as constructive suggestions to make it into a very good proposal.
The reviewer is strongly encouraged to communicate with the project steward (Either directly or using the Projects Q&A page).
4) The reviews will be anonymized (reviewer name removed) and made available to volunteers before the voting. All numerical scores will be removed prior to public posting of reviews.

Motivation behind starting the Projects Review Process:
  • Typically, a projects voting process consists of chapter volunteers voting the different projects on a set of metrics and totaling of these votes and rating of the projects based on the net tally of votes. Though voting is a great way to find out how a group of people feel about a project, by just dealing with numbers, voting loses out on objectivity/details, merely presenting a final number saying project P scored x% score. The Projects Review Process aims to be an addition to the voting process, and acts as a complement to the voting process.
  • Volunteers typically find it hard to go over 4-5 documents/sitevisit reports/Q&As per project for 11 projects, all in 1-2 weeks time. By means of the projects review, reviewers get the chance to go into details on 2 projects and these reviews help the volunteers in their voting process.
  • The reviews help the Projects Team to come up with a well-researched and unbiased decision.