Half Yearly Project Status Report

Part A: General Information

  1. Name of the Organization:
  2. Address:
  3. Tel & Email Address:
  4. Funding Period:
  5. Report Date:
  6. Prepared by:

Part B: Account of Past Activities

  1. Please describe the activities undertaken during the previous six months.
  2. Is the project proceeding as planned and scheduled? Yes No (Please provide explanation)
  3. Please provide details of how the money from Asha was spent (kindly provide receipts. Photocopies/scanned copies of originals are acceptable.) Please highlight if the money spent was for reasons other than those mentioned in the project proposal application. (Note that this is for purposes of record and to help us better understand your needs)
  4. What challenges (if any) have you encountered in conducting these tasks mentioned in the project proposal? How were they addressed?

Part C: Account of Future Activities

  1. What are the activities planned for the next six months?
  2. Do you anticipate any changes or problems will cause you to modify the project or the tasks to complete the project? How? Explain with an estimated time schedule.
  3. What are activities and broad goals planned for the next two years? Do you plan to apply for Asha CNJ funding again? (If yes, give approximate projected annual funds you might request for the next two years.)

Part D: Statistics about the Project

  1. No. of children currently enrolled in school (mention financial year and provide break-ups in each class)
  2. Same as 1. for the previous academic year
  3. Current Girl/Boy Ratio
  4. Same as 3. for the previous year
  5. Current Teacher/Student Ratio
  6. Overall School Attendance percentage
  7. Medium of Instruction
  8. Was there any drop-outs? Why so? In which classes?
  9. How many children were admitted in the entering class(es)? How many children passed out from the highest class(es)?
  10. How many children failed to be promoted to the next class? (Please provide class-wise breakups)
  11. How many children appeared in Public exams (board exams)? How did they perform?
  12. Was there any change in the number of teachers and/or staff in the school?
  13. Details about special achievements made by a student
  14. Details about special achievements made by a teacher
  15. Information about camps/workshops etc that the teachers/students attended
  16. If any child complete the highest level of classes offered in the school, where is he/she now?
  17. Details about the salaries paid to the teachers
  18. Details about the qualifications of the teachers
  19. Details about the fees paid (if any) by the students
  20. If the school caters to children with special needs, details about how the school is equipped to do the same
  21. Details about the school curriculum. What subjects are taught in each class? Please provide the school booklist.
  22. Does the school have a library? Do children have access to a public library? Would you need books for the school library? If so, please give suggestions for the kind of books you would be needing.

Part E: Miscellaneous
  1. In your view how effective has the current project with Asha been for your school/institution?
  2. How do you think the school has performed in the last six months? (may be in other aspects not covered by the Asha project)
  3. Can Asha help your project in anything beyond funding?(like helping you find technology to improve your institution, networking with other organizations, any information you need that is not easily available locally etc).
  4. What interaction did your project have with Govt. or other non-governmental organization in the past and current years. Do you plan to apply for Govt. funds (or other external funds) for the next 2 years? Are you taking/do you plan to take advantage of Govt. schemes like Sarva Shiksha Aviyan (SSA) or similar?
  5. Do you have any recommendations for Asha about changes it should make in the current project? Do you have recommendations for Asha about how it should operate in general?
  6. Do you have any comments about the site visit performed by the Asha team?
  7. Please include any new publicity material – new brochures, media write-ups etc. Annual Financial Report to be sent at the end of each financial year.
  8. Additional Comments. Please feel free to add anything that was left out but would be relevant for us to know.