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Project: Mandra Lions Club

Questions to: Arul, Purba and Joy


Power point Presentation


  1. Answer to question 18 in the proposal mentions a development program that is run to
    follow up with the continuation of education, if possible please briefly explain what is
    done in this program.
  2. Answer to question 20 mentions there are 54 schools in the area. This seems
very high is that correct?
3. Answer to question 15 mentions 507 students but item 'C' in budget mentions 400 children, why?


1. Please find the point no 12 and 13(ASHA scheduled form) in which the
developmental processes are described. If you are having further queries, let us know.

2. Our centers are covering 3 number of block i.e. Baghmundi,Arsha,Jhalda-
I I According to government rules the num ber of Primary school is sufficient
but actually the schools are situated in such a place from where the
children(where we are running the centers) are not able to access due to
dance jungle, small river and no such village road. Apart from the above
the teachers are recruited from Bengali speaking outside the hill. The Tribal
children are not getting home language SANTALI . In our centers all the Home
educators are tribal com m unity and residing in and near by villages of the
centers and they have trained on ALCHI K I script (created by Pandit Raghu
Nath Murmu 150 years back. W e have started that work i.e. as suggested by
the KOTHARI COMMISSION (initiated by government of India 1 st national
education policy in the year 1966) w ith the support from ASHA Stanford. The
New Jersey supported centers are replication initiative.

3. Yes, total student strength are 507, we have calculated the budget according
to average attendance of children in school. There are 600 students
i.e. apart from our centres there are other non schooling children who will
be included in all the activities with the aim to enroll them in future.

Question 22
Yes, the area is too big for which we have requested the fuel cost for
movement (Mobility cost) by using our Motor Cycle.