Project page

Questions about Janakalyan project
1) Socio-economic background of children
a. how many children are orphans?
b. how many non-orphan children are from local community (say upto 5km radius)
c. how many are girls?
d. are there progress reports on their studies?

2) Local community involvement
a. how many teachers are from local community (say upto 5km radius?)
b. how many teachers live in Janakalyan school?
c. why does Janakalyan not have more local students?
(is it because of Janakalyan policy or local students prefer other schools?)
d. does Janakalyan have a board of directors? if so, who are they and where do they live?
e. does Janakalyan get local funds? if so, how much and what type (cash/goods etc)?
f. what is wrong with the local government school? does it provide free mid-day meal?

3) Financials
a. what is Janakalyan's cashflow and expenses during 2007? what was it during 2005?
b. has Janakalyan applied for government funding? if so, when and what type of funding? what was the response?
c. does Janakalyan have auditied financial reports for past 2 years?
d. who owns the land and building?

4) Future
a. what is Janakalyan's goals for the students future?
b. where do you see Janakalyan school in 5 years and 10 years from now?
c. what is the biggest concern for Janakalyan today?