Asha Samajik Vidyalaya

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Project: Asha Samajik Vidyalaya

Questions to: Aravind



  1. Q1 Arvind, how can we make our interactions with ASV better? Since the last couple of years, no CNJ volunteer has personally visited them, which s not a healthy sign. It is often impossible to judge ground realities from this far, and paperwork often tells us very little. Do you think the current rate of interaction is healthy for us to continue taking responsibility and keep funding this way, or should we actively try to seek active chapter with active volunteer in the region to take over, for a better and engaging relationship? -K
1. Forming of Steward team with another volunteer who would be able to visit ASV would be the best option. The communication with ASV is only over phone and until i visit the rapport with ASV would not become much better.
  1. Q2.Aravind, do you think we should continue funding ASV. The site visit by Rohini was implying that ASV sherpur was like a tution center and that it was not really a necessity. Obviously ASV prefers to stay in the dependent mode with Asha CNJ as they are now, so do we keep funding it non stop, or do we pass ASV on to other chapters? Please let us know.
2. The Existance of tution center across the country is an inevitable fact. the children are forced to go to tution centers and this is particularly prevailant in the Govt schools. the worrying factor however is the complete dependance of ASV on Asha CNJ for funding